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Dealing with Vestibular Disorders

Balance and Vestibular Disorders
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This is a community for anyone dealing with balance disorders of any type. Vestibular (inner ear) disorders can cause vertigo, dizziness, a general off balance feeling, ear and vision issues, nausea, and so many other problems, with potentially devastating effects on a person's day-to-day functioning, ability to work, relationships with family and friends, and quality of life.

Diagnosing and treating vestibular disorders is not always straightforward. In addition, such disorders are often "invisible," making it difficult for others to understand how disabling they can be.

There are a few support groups out there, and this is one we can all get to. Although for some of us, just reading, and especially reading on the computer, is difficult. However, we'll make do with the tools available to us.

Goals of this community:

1. To find others like you and to be able to communicate with them in an encouraging and helpful manner.

2. To share your story about how this disorder has had an impact on your life.

3. To share the often frustrating stories about doctors misdiagnosing diseases and patients not being taken seriously in the medical field.

4. Posting what treatments work for you. What medications have been most helpful for you, and what haven't? Have you had surgery? Was it helpful?

5. Brainstorming! We need to find ways to increase awareness for each of our individual disorders. With awareness we come closer to accelerating the time in which cures will be found.

6. Sharing reliable articles from newspapers, medical journals and magazines that show promise in finding treatments and cures.

7. Helping others to keep positive attitudes and outlooks on life! While balance disorders can drastically change our lives, in most cases, it doesn't mean that our lives are over. Many, if not all of us, often forget to keep a positive attitude. When this happens, we need to let others know how we're feeling. Likewise, we need to support those who are feeling down.

I am not a doctor. No information shared on this site should be taken in place of or over the advice of a medical professional. The sole purpose of this site is to share experiences.

A few good websites to check out:
Vestibular Disorders Association Recognizing the Challenges of Inner Ear Disorders
Web MD A generally decent encyclopedia of medical information, including vestibular disorders of all kinds
Coping with DizzinessResources for Patients with Vestibluar Disorders
MedlinePlus compilation of vestibular and balance disorder links
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